Windows Server on Google Cloud Platform

Hey there, In This Article we are going to discuss, why is Linux better than a Windows server? And also you are going to learn how you can run windows servers on the Google Cloud Platform.

What we are going to Learn?


Steps to install Windows on GCP

1. Open GCP(Google Cloud Platform) console. 

2. First, we have to create a new VM. So go to navigation menu > Compute Engine > click create to create a new one. 

3. On this page, configure the following settings: 
  • First, give the Name of your Instance
  • At the machine, the configuration side changes them as per your requirement. 

4. For the boot disk settings, click on ‘Change’ in front of the boot disk and it will populate many boot disk options. 
  • Select the “Windows Server 2019 datacenter” and size as 50 GB. 

5. Now click select. Here at this place HTTP and HTTPS traffic not required keep them blank. Click create. It may take time to activate the VM instance

6. Here at the place of SSH, here you see RDP. The full form of RDP is Remote Desktop Protocol. It means you can connect Windows-Server by using a Remote Desktop Connection. Here click you see the similar thing that I have told about it. So first you need to set the username and password by clicking on “Set Windows password”. 

7. Now open Remote Desktop Connection Application. This application comes pre-installed with any Windows platform.

7. Here type your External IP address. Now click connect to connect with the windows server. 

8. But here on the screen, an error occurs. This is because I have not yet forward the port. Now we have to use the firewall rule. 

9. To create a Firewall Rule, click on three dots and click on View Network Details > Firewall > Create Firewall Rule
  • Set the name to windows
  • Here on target tags type windows. 
  • Set the source IP range to
  • Click TCP and here type 3389
  • Now click create to Create The Firewall Rule

10. Now, go back to the VM instances page and click on the VM instance that you have created(On my side click on windows-server). Click edit. 
  • Here on Network tags type windows and hit enter. 
  • Save it.

11. Now open the Remote Desktop Application. Enter IP Address and click Connect

12. Now here you have to type the Username and Password

13. Now Click ok to connect with windows. Now you can manage your windows server RDP. 

Why Linux server is mostly used than, windows? 

Have you ever visit GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost. If yes, then you see there are two types of Webhosting available that are Windows Hosting, and Linux hosting

If you see their price they are quite different. If you compare them then you will see windows server installation is the cost is more than Linux. 

Because Windows server charges for the usage of windows operating system, where Linux is free for all. 
This is why Linux is most popular than windows.

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