Scrcpy: Display and Control of Android Devices via USB and TCP/IP

Do you want to access your android device remotely? Then here is a tool for you, “Scrcpy”.

Scrcpy allows you to display and control your Android devices connected through USB (or over TCP/IP).

Install & Configure ADB(Android Debug Bridge)

Configure on windows

1) Download scrcpy from Github.

2) Configure scrcpy. Extract all contents and copy them to "C:\adb\".

3) Now open your command-line interface. Here type “adb devices” to displays all information about devices connected to the PC and with their serial numbers.

4) Now Run scrcpy.exe. Here you see your device pop up on the screen.

5) Now let it connect with TCP/IP. You have just type "adb connect" and here your device IP address with port ID. And hit enter. As here you see we are now connected with the Android device through TCP/IP.

Before we start, it is important your Android device and your pc both must be connected to the same network.

6) Now open command-line interface. Plugin your Android and here type "adb devices". As here you see a device is connected with a USB.

Now here type adb tcpip <port number>.

adb device1

Now let it connect. Type "adb connect" and here type your IP address. To find the IP address, go to Settings → About phone → Status. This is your IP address.

7) Run scrcpy.exe.

There are few other commands are there. 

I suggest you read the manual by typing "scrcpy.exe -h".

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