Anonsurf: Surf Internet Anonymously

Anonsurf is a tool that will help you stay anonymous by routing every packet through TOR relay. When you use Anonsurf for ethical hacking, all the traffic from your system goes through a TOR proxy server due to which your IP address is changed.

Install & Run Anonsurf

Run the following command to install Anonsurf:

mrdev@kali:~$ git clone
mrdev@kali:~$ ls
mrdev@kali:~$ cd kali-anonsurf
mrdev@kali:~$ sudo ./

Successfully! Anonsurf is installed, 

Run Anonsurf

Let’s see how it works. But before that, let’s check if your IP is traceable. To check, open any internet browser and open the following URL:

This website will display your IP address. 

Run Anonsurf

To start Anonsurf, run the below command in the terminal:

mrdev@kali:~$ anonsurf start
Now you see anonsurf just running:

Now, open the browser again and go to You will see that your IP address is changed. 

This means that the traffic from your system is being routed through another server.

To know about other options of Anonsurf for ethical hacking, run the following command in the terminal:

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