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Have you ever wondering to host your website free of cost. Every hosting company has its own plans(tariffs). At the end of this article, you find, how to host a website free of cost, and also you also register a free domain.

If you have read this article then you know about the best free hosting provider. If not click the below link:

Among free Webhosting providers, few of them don't support free domain. 

Steps to Host Website from 000Webhost

1. Visit 000Webhost and click on Get started. Scroll down and click on Free Sign up and signup with your email id and password.

2. Verify email id and click on Let's create some magic.

3. Now choose the website preference type. 

4. Set the name of your project and generate a Password.

5. Next is so important! upload your website files or you can start with WordPress.

6. Open public_html and upload file. 
  • Remember: Before uploading the files, encrypt them.

7. Now we have successfully hosted a website. Click the link to get dive in.

8. Now my website looks like this:

Add Free Domain with 000Webhost

1. Vist Freenom and check the availability of your domain. Freenom provides you free domains like tk, ml, ga, etc, for 1 year.

2. Select a website and click on check out. Choose a period of 12 months.

3. Click Sign in and verify email and complete your order.

4. Congratulation! You just register your domain.

5. Add Domain to 000Webhost. Visit again and click on "Manage Website" > Click Tools > Set Web Address.

6. Click on "Connect a Domain You Already Own".

7. Now click on Park Domain.

8. Add Domain name.

9. Add DNS name server to Freenom. Visit Freenom and click on my orders and then click manage Domain. Click on Management Tool > Click on Name Servers. 

10. Click on Use custom nameservers and add name servers. After all done click on Change Nameservers. 

11. Go back to the 000Webhost tab and add the domain and click Park domain.

All done! You can now visit the website directly from the domain.

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