Google Chrome Remote Desktop: Remotely access your own computer securely

There are times when you wish you could remotely access your desktop or laptop computer from anywhere on the Internet. Whether you need to remotely access a document, photograph, video, or even a software application the 

Google Chrome Remote Desktop app allows you to quickly and securely connect to your computer from anywhere on the web using a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

The Google Chrome Remote Desktop is a free application available as both a browser app and mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms. 

Steps to Get Started

1. Visit Google Chrome Remote Desktop's official site and click "Get started". 
It is no necessary to install the chrome extension, It depends on You.


2. Click on the Download button to download Remote Desktop Application and install the application.

3. Click on TURN ON, and Set your desktop PC name. Click next to set the six-digit passcode.

4. Now click start and you are online.

Get Connect to Remote Desktop

You can get a remote session from Android or From Computer.

From Android Device

Download the app from the Play Store, if you are an android user.

1. Login Remote Desktop Application with same Gmail account that you registered with chrome.

2. Click on Appeared Device and enter the passcode to get connected.

3. You can control your desktop PC from anywhere on the Internet.

  • The main reason I think it is best that is it supports a touch screen.

From Anywhere on the Internet

There is another ability that I like most. I think that impresses me a lot. You can access your friend's PC without a Gmail account. But the condition is you can access only just one time.

1. Visit the Google Chrome Remote Desktop website again and click here on the remote support tab.

2. This section divided into parts. One section will generate a code and another one will help you to access the system.
  • Click on generate code. It will generate a code. 
  • Send this code.

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