Access Your Phone Notifications, Messages, Photos and also Make a Phone Call Directly From Windows

You love your phone. So does your PC. Get instant access to everything you love on your phone, right from your PC. Link your Android phone/iPhone and PC to view and reply to text messages, make and receive calls, view your notifications, and more. Make emailing yourself photos a thing of the past as you share your favorite images between your phone and PC. Copy, edit, and even drag and drop photos without touching your phone.

Usually, Access to Your Phone can be possible from any 3rd Party software, but the major problems will be with their Privacy & Policy or their Trust Level. 

Follow the below steps to Link Your Phone and PC;

Step 1. Launch The Application

Launch Your Phone Application from Your Windows machine:

Step 2. Choose Your Phone Type? Android/IPhone

Once the Application is Launched "Select What Kind of Phone You are using?" and Click "Continue".

Step 3: Pair Devices

On "Continue" a new page will appear, from where You will be going to Pair Your Android Device using the Generated QR code or Manually.

Remember: Sync Phone and PC must be Login with the same Email Id.

Open Your Android Phone and Download "Link To Windows" from PlayStore.

On Completion Click on Open and then click on "Link Your Phone and PC".

Once you click on "Link Your Phone and PC", then follow the below 2 Methods to Link Your Phone with PC.

Method 1: Using QR code

Go back to Your PC and then check the mark of the Your Phone Companion Agreement and then Click on Pair with QR code.

The generated QR code, automatically sign in with your Microsoft Account that You already have logged in with.

Now Open Your Phone and then click on "Continue" to Scan the QR code.

Now scan the QR Code:

If everything goes right then You will be going to successfully Log in with Your Microsoft Account Otherwise You will get an interrupted Message.

On PC:

On Phone:

So we have to Follow the Manual Method to proceed further.

Method 2: Manually

Click Continue on Your PC to go back to Pair Device. From here Click on "Pair Manually".

Now You have found a few steps for the manual method.

Now Go back to Your Android Phone and Click on Continue on the Screen Asking for a QR code:

Now Select the "Try Another Way" to proceed with a manual Step:

Now sign in with Your Microsoft Account that is already linked with Your PC.

Once You Sign in with Your Microsoft Account click on Continue to input the Code that we will generate next.

Now Go back to the PC and click on "Create PIN code" to Generate a New PIN.

Now Input the PIN to complete the Pairing.

These 2 ways you can Pair Your Device with your PC. 

Step 5. Review Permission

Before Proceed Further You Need to allow few Permissions to help Your Phone and PC work together.

Allow All of them:

All set Now Your PC is Ready! to view and reply to text messagesmake and receive callsview your notifications, and more.

Make and Receive Call Directly from PC

To make and Receive call You need to follow few steps:

1. Click on Get Started and Turn ON Bluetooth of your PC.

2. Turn Bluetooth ON on Your Android Device and Pair with them each Other:

3. Turn Off Foucus Assistant from settings:

Click on Open Setting and Turn off.

4. Once they Connected You can Make a Call or Receive a Call directly from PC.

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