What ChatGPT Is? Is it Effective For Information Security & Ethical Hacking?

In recent days, the most interesting topic is Chat GPT. Where you will search, you will find out it on the top. People use it for earning money, building applications, and many more.

Hello everyone, welcome back again. Here, in this video, we will be going to talk about a recently populated tool named ChatGPT, and also we will find out if it is helpful in terms of Information Security and Ethical Hacking. Let’s find out.

What ChatGPT is?

Generative Pre-trained Transformer (in short GPT) is a type of language model developed by Open AI that is designed to generate human-like text. It does this by using a large dataset of text to "pre-train" a machine learning model on language patterns and then fine-tuning the model on specific tasks, such as translation or question answering.

ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT model that is specifically designed to generate text in a conversational style, such as in chatbots or virtual assistants. It is trained on a large dataset of chat conversations and is able to generate responses that are appropriate and coherent in the context of a conversation.

For example, if you input a message to a chatbot powered by ChatGPT, it will generate a response based on the words and context of your message, as well as any previous messages in the conversation. This can allow the chatbot to have more natural and engaging conversations with users.

Create a New Account

If you are new to ChatGPT then your first priority is to Create a new account. 


Get Started

Here below Type your query and it will give you your answer. Let’s ask ChatGPT, what is ChatGPT and it will automatically fetch the data. 

The most important thing is the output data are not similar to any other search engine.

After the conversation, you will see a tab, as located on the screen. It is saved for future aspects.

ChatGPT is very useful for a developer. Let’s ask ChatGPT to build an android game that is tik-to-toe.

This is very similar to how we use chatbots for. To start your conversation, type any of your queries here, and it will give you your answer.

Let’s ask, what ChatGPT is.

In response to this, it will give us the answer to our query. 

On each conversation, it will automatically create a tab, which can be helpful for you in the future. You can rename it, or you can also delete the conversation from the list.

ChatGPT is very useful for developers. Let's see how. 

Let's say we're building an Android game for example Tik-Tok-toe, and we don't know how to build it. Let’s ask ChatGPT to build an android game that is tik-tok-toe.

  • It will fetch some step-by-step methods that can guide you while building applications.

And also, Let’s ask for the android codes for Tik-Tok-toe, and as you can see the result comes with the code.

Next, we will see, how it can use for Information Security and Ethical Hacking purposes. Let’s directly ask this query to ChatGPT.

As result, ChatGPT warns us that it is not specifically designed or intended for use in Information Security or Ethical Hacking purposes.

But you ask some general queries. Like what SQL injection is, and how it works, and here it is the result.

Let’s ask SQL injection cheat sheet. It will give us some basic results. But it is not that much helpful in advanced hacking.

Using ChatGPT, you can build your Information Security projects.

Let me ask for top python projects.

As a result, it will supply us top 8 python projects. Let me ask for the code for any of these python projects.

As a result, you can see the codes. You can copy it and run it.

Let’s ChatGPT for some advance work? 

Let’s ask to give python code to create a Standard Multi Thread TCP Server.

Here you will see, the python codes for Standard Multi thread TCP servers. You can also ask to modify some codes as per your requirement.

Here in this section, each time we have to change the IP address and Port. But I will request, “while on executing, it will prompt the user to input the IP address and Port”.

As you can see, the code is changed.

You can also use it to build any tool in any programming language. 

For Example, All my viewers might have heard about a tool called NetCat. Let’s ask ChatGPT to build the NetCat tool in Java programming language.

You can also try it with any other language.

What is my Opinion?

In my opinion, ChatGPT can be useful for a developer. But while on information security and Ethical hacking, it may not provide you a suitable answer. Still, we can ask some queries related to development.

If you have any queries, then directly ask ChatGPT, maybe your doubt may clear.

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